Powerful and
Dynamic Data Tool

FinXL is a powerful and dynamic data extraction tool from Financial Express which operates at the heart of clients systems. Combined with native in-built Microsoft Excel technologies, FinXL allows unrivalled creation, editing and refreshing of reports to provide you with the latest data, ready for manipulation and analysis in Excel.


FinXL reports are customisable enabling the user to pick the required data and where the data is to be displayed. Multiple reports can be created side by side allowing users to produce the data they require and it is all easily refreshed with one click. FinXL is readily integrated with client data sources and templates to populate pre-ordained reporting formats.

Simple Add-In

As a simple add-in, FinXL only requires Excel, a handful of pre-requisites (installed as part of the package) and access to the internet before users are free to explore the possibilities provided by this tool.