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About FreeLance Manager

Project Goals

The Freelance project is aimed at promoting freelance management for writers and clients.Our objectives are listed below:

  • Provide a user friendly exterior and interior design for our users.
  • Helping you manage your freelance content at your comfort.
  • Helping you keep track of your personal writer's workflow without hassle.
  • Providing an easy,secure and accessible payment platform for writers and clients.
  • To Providing an easy to use medium for sending and receiving of freelance articles between clients and writers.
  • To Provide a realtime,unrestricted,secure integrated chat system for communication.

Our Services

Creative Design

We are keen on providing you with the best user experience in your work.

Chat System

Communicate one on one with your writers and clients securely through our realtime,integrated chat system we provide.

Integrated e-wallet payment system

Pay your writers instantly or get paid via our online e-wallet .Withdraw and deposit cash through our secure easy integrated mobile money.

Analytics support

Our inbuilt support engine makes sure that you can see and track your writer's work and earnings by providing an analytics dashboard.

Work-flow Management

Send and receive your work to your writers or clients instantly without much hassle.See writer's earnings and client's tabular analytics on your dashboard.

24/7 Support

to ensure that your work is flawless and uninterrupted always.

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Frequently asked Questions

No we do not do that.Freelance assigments are brought by the client.Who then dispatches them to his/her personal writers. Also,we do not provide bidding services to writers.Note that this is a management platform for helping clients and their personal writers.

Unlike other freelancing sites available ,we do not see the need to monitor communication between clients and their writers.That being said ,we do not tolerate bullying of any kind ,harrassment or hate speech.Our chat system is secure,reliable and easy to use.

For now,We only provide deposits and withdrawals only using mobile money transfer(M-pesa).In the future,we are open to the idea of adopting other methods of payments.

No we don't charge any fees for opening or holding an account,it is free.Note that fees are only charged per transactions conducted on the site such as sending of assigments ,making withdrawals of funds and payments.


After completion of registration process,you have to add your personal writers or clients to your circle,after they accept your request,you can now begin sending and receiving assigments from your writers.

A small fee is charged on the client account upon sending of assigments by them.Upon receiving by the writer,they can choose to accept or reject depending on their ability to do it.After completion,they will then send it back for review by the client who will approve it.On approval by the client,The writer is automatically added to a tabular analytics showing the amount he/she has earned.


Payments are allowed for everyone(clients and writers).Deposits into your E-wallet account is done using a paybill number provided in your dashboard.Upon validation by our system,the amount is then debited on your e-wallet account.You can then choose to pay your writers by sending them the funds on our site using your dashboard.

For security and transparency,logs of payment transactions conduted on the site are available on your dashboard.A small fee is charged for sending withdrawal and depositing of funds using the site.Payments are reliable and fast.


We are not and will not be held responsible for any kind of fraud or con of any kind done.Note that keeping your passwords secure is essential and is up to you ,the user.

Also, make sure you only add those clients and writers to your circle whom you surely trust,In the event you send your assignments to an untrusted client or writer and they choose to disappear without paying you,its up to you. However, in the event of such a case, just 401-240-7822 us and the account will be deactivated.

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